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creativity and mastership at every step, attention to details and client’s requests.
  • quality: we find effective and innovative methods for solving tasks;
  • scrupulousness: we offer best ways to realize projects in set conditions;
  • smart economy: our homes are cheap and fulfil clients’ expectations at the same time;
  • aesthetics: all houses wich were projected and built by our specialists conform to requests of modern architecture, engineering and composing.

creating an end product for building - a home, which is perfectly conforming to client’s plan and matching to all client’s esthetical expectations.

After many years of experience, our specialists have developed an effective method of interaction with clients. This method is based on processing all creative ideas and goals of a client up to the point where they can be easily achieved.

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With every year more people set their choice on building a house instead of buying an apartment. Still usually building process takes a long time and you surely would like to move to your new home faster.

It’s real. Technologies develop constantly and new materials appear on the market all the time. One of the newest and most popular materials is a SIP (stands for Structural Insulated Panel) also called a sandwich panel

If you desire to own a house in Ukraine then building from SIPs is the best choice!

Structural Insulated Panel is composed of two moisture resistant boards with an expanded polystyrene filling the void between them.

Engineering of SIP panel started with a desire to create an ecological, solid and not expensive building material. For this reason, very little amount of chemicals is used in its manufacturing and reeks of any kind are minimal

OSB-3 —

(oriented strand board) is produced by compressing wooden flakes (95%) with wax and resin (5%) in many layers under high-temperature conditions. In order to make the material more solid layers must be cross-oriented.


ecological, non-toxic, heat insulating and sound proof material. It is used for more than 50 years already and has recommended itself as the most efficient and suitable for building.

Homes from SIPs fulfil all requirements for quality, heat shield, environmental resistance, and ecology

Our SIP producing manufactory has almost the best equipment in the world.

Equipment that we use is provided by Ecopan-Ukraine and has no analogues in Europe and has only two analogues in the USA.

The quality of our SIPs conforms to the highest world standards.

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SIPs have lots of privileges comparing to other materials

  • roof and walls of the house have good heat insulating qualities, thus there’s no need to winterize them additionally;
  • using of this material makes building process fast and easy;
  • sandwich panels make carcass of the house more solid and stable;
  • SIPs do not deform;
  • choosing SIPs helps to cut down expenses on building a carcass, because panel itself bears part of the weight;
  • this material is ecologically clean.
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The advantages of building with us
We create, build, repair and realize projects of any complexity with a full efficiency of our strength, mastership, and experience. Our specialists can make every detail perfect and find a creative solution for non-standard tasks.
All works are made to last. Our team of experienced professionals is always confident in its abilities and can guarantee to hold building and constructing actions at the highest level.
An observance of all terms and obligations is indispensable in any model of cooperation and communication with clients. We were and we will always remain a building company with high level of mobility, professionality, and competitive ability.
Our logistics, system of material and technical support and qualification of our specialists allow us to solve set tasks in the earliest possible date.
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Where are we located?


Polyarna st.,20-D (parking Epitsentr K7)

Sales department:

  • +38 (097) 976-50-50
  • +38 (066) 876-50-50
Office of the company is located in
ShowRoom, which is located
in parking area of building hypermarket
«Epitsentr К»


Galytska st., 1

Sales department:

  • +38 (097) 976-50-50
  • +38 (066) 876-50-50
Office of the company is located on
the crossroad of Belvederska,
Galytska and Mazepy