About Us

Company IVGRANBUD was founded at 1997.

Engineering, prefabrication and building homes and cottages according to frame-and-panel technology is the main work-stream of our company.
A team of highly-qualified managers, architects, engineers, workers of different specializations, and strong material and technical base are at the disposal of IVGRANBUD company.

The worldwide success of the building technology that we use allowed us to enrich our portfolio with hundreds of big, medium and small projects of buildings with different functions. Our clients all around Ukraine with a great pleasure exploit our masterpiece buildings, built according to the new SIPs technology. Houses designed and built by our specialists conform to all standards of modern architecture, composing and engineering.

Production plants of the company are supplied with the newest existing high-tech equipment. This gives us privilege among all competing companies. The quality of SIP-houses, built with using of this equipment, is acknowledged in the whole world.

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