Exclusive Projects (Оpening)

Exclusive №1
Exclusive №1
area 2228 sq ft
Exclusive №2
Exclusive №2
area 1873 sq ft

Own house should be comfortable - it's an axiom! However, not everyone can find a suitable option for themselves among the proposed choice. Standard layouts may not meet the requirements. They can be uncomfortable, non-functional, unaesthetic, have some other drawbacks. In this case, the exclusive projects of houses will come to the rescue. The client receives a huge space for imagination. Buildings can have the most bizarre shape, depending on your wishes.

Advantages of Exclusive Projects

The main advantage of this solution is absolute freedom of choice. The only thing that limits the client - building standards and features of working with SIP panels. In the rest you are free! When constructing a house SIP, the projects include the following features:

  • Area and number of storeys. Today, you can order exclusive projects of single-story, two-storey, three-story houses of almost any area.
  • Exterior of the building. It can have both a classical and non-standard form, for example, with all kinds of turns, bends at an angle, superstructures.
  • Internal layout of the building. In this case, you can independently choose the number and shape of rooms, the location of the kitchen, bathrooms, storerooms and other necessary facilities.
  • In addition, the important advantage of your own projects is the uniqueness of your home. Your building will be unique, a house like yours will no longer have anyone. Therefore, such a decision is beneficial not only from the point of view of convenience, but also the status.

Exclusive projects are easier to implement with SIP

Today, many customers want to build a house from SIP panels. This solution has a number of advantages, including favorable price, high construction speed, high comfort and energy saving. In addition, this solution will be optimal in case you intend to build a house on a unique project. Why? Because SIP is very convenient material for the implementation of a wide variety of ideas. Panels have a minimum weight, so it is much easier to attach the second and third floors of houses. In addition, the material can have a variety of shapes, in contrast, for example, from brick. This makes it easier to implement your project.

If you want to build a house using Canadian technology and order a unique project in Kiev or Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivgranbud is ready to take up work. Our professionals will take into account all your wishes when designing, and as soon as possible build the building without loss of quality. All that is required from the client is to sign a contract and voice their wishes. On their basis, a technical task will be drawn up and a model will be developed. After completion of the development, the project is submitted to the customer for the final agreement, the last changes are made and construction begins. With "Ivgranbud" you can show your imagination to the maximum, and we realize even the most complicated ideas.

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