United project with Epitsentr СК-98

United project with Epitsentr СК-98

Project: СК-98

"К - 2 "

Projected area:

1055 sq ft

Roof construction:

attic, SIP


Double-T wooden girders


wood SIP


18,9 х 26,77 ft

Preparation period:

up to 20 work days

Finished home price.

784’000 UAH



Strip-piles shallow foundation with moisture-proof in-situ RC slab – 7.87 in. Reinforced strip – 35,4 in. Reinforced piles laid on frost depth – 31,5 - 39,4 in.

Package SIPHOUSE-103:

Walls – SIP panels - 6,3 in

Dividing walls – LGSF-frame - 3,9 in  

Floors –  double-T wooden girders – 11,8 in, with spacing – 15,75-23,62 in and OSB decking - 0,87 in,

Roof – SIP-construction 6,3 in.


Short-term – 3-10 days. Does not require construction machinery and can be done in any season.

Outside finish:

Roof – bitumen or metal tile, finish construction of the roof with plastic planchers. Drainage system. Doors material: metal. Vinyl windows and doors frames – ALM (Salamander). Outside walls finish: brick or stucco. Socle finish with drainback system. Front decoration. Warmth-keeping concrete paving.

Interior layout and construction of the house can be changed according to your needs and desires.

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