Project "Module-43"

Project "Module-43"

Project: "Module-43"

Total area: 42.19 sq. m.;

Overall dimensions of the house: 3.75 x 11.25 m;

Roof: Shed (SIP with PVC membrane or corrugated board with insulation);

Walls: SIP 170mm.;

Floor: SIP 178mm.;

Windows: 5-chamber profile 60mm, double-glazed window 4-10-4-10-4i, external lamination of windows (color to choose from);

Doors: Entrance doors (metal with decorative overlays or metal-plastic entrance group)


Short term - 5-10 days. It is carried out regardless of the season, without the use of construction equipment.

"New modular houses from Ivgranbud - speed, quality, comfort and energy saving."

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