House of SIP panels: photo of erected buildings

Nowadays, frame houses are becoming a promising option for construction. The technology of erection is large, but the Canadian one is the most successful and effective.
SIP panels are distinguished by their unbending, durability and high quality. Their surface is smooth, which is perfect for any kind of finish. In the walls of the SIP panels there are no depressions.

Where to see pictures of Canadian houses

In our country are also gaining popularity at home from SIP panels. Photo in Ukraine of erected buildings of this type can be seen on our website. They have excellent characteristics:
  1. Comfort and convenience;
  2. Strength and reliability;
  3. Noise insulation, thermal insulation.
Our construction company has created a sufficient number of house designs from SIP panels in Zazim, and clients are very happy and enjoy the chic apartments. Unlike conventional wooden construction, the new technology assumes excellent protection from drafts and blowouts. All this is provided by a minimum number of thermal discontinuities.
At us you can order the project of the house from SIP panels. Photos of ready-made buildings are presented online.
Panels have a very strong and even structure, which avoids additional costs for leveling walls and ceiling. This helps to save the budget for construction and labor-intensive work, the finish is simple. There is also savings in heating and air conditioning.
On all the photos of Canadian houses that you find on our website, installers installed the groove panels in the groove, which greatly accelerates the construction process.
Buildings built on this technology have a number of advantages:
simple organization of communications at the assembly site;
  • simple organization of communications at the assembly site;
  • The flatness and evenness of the panels makes it possible to install drywall without additional guides. This significantly reduces the cost of finishing,
  • simultaneously increasing the area inside the room;
  • It is also easy to form and interior space - all the decoration is very easy to do, as the walls are continuous and smooth;
  • factory accuracy and quality assurance - elimination of errors and defects. All products are manufactured with powerful new equipment.
Some people only look at this technology in Ukraine, but already quite often many people want to build a house in this way. For it, energy-efficient sip panels are used, wooden beams act as a frame. In this case, a very strong frame is obtained, which can withstand enormous loads and any types of truss system and roofing.
After the implementation of quality finishing works, such houses have a chic appearance. They perfectly suited any decoration, so there is no limit to fantasy.
Our highly qualified specialists have vast experience in erecting buildings from sip panels. Address to us, and soon you will live in a new modern and comfortable home.
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