Houses made of self-supporting panels turnkey - an excellent alternative to outdated options buildings

The Canadian house is a technology of very fast erection of a building from SIP panels. This technology is already gaining popularity and prevalence, as it has good characteristics and properties.
This technology will suit and enjoy those who love reliable, durable and warm rooms. At the same time, it may seem that the cost of construction for this technology is high, but this is far from the case. The projects of our company in Bortnychy and Zazimye, presented in the photo, cost the owners at affordable prices, and the quality and reliability are guaranteed for many years.
The construction of Canadian homes is based on universal or individual projects, which are developed personally for the customer. Canadian technology does not limit the desire and imagination, allowing to create various architectural solutions.
An individual project provides for the recording of all factors that will help to create comfort daily. The variant of the future house, space of rooms, engineering networks and many other things is considered, and as a result the most comfortable building which brings pleasure and pleasure turns out.
"Turn-key houses from SIP panels" is a complex service that assumes:
  1. The erection of the basement and porch;
  2. Installation of walls, rafters and roofing;
  3. Finishing work;
  4. Arrangement of windows, tides, windowsills, doors.
A ready-made Canadian house on turnkey technology will have an electrical network, an airway channel, a sewage system, heating and fully fit rooms.

Houses made of self-supporting panels on a turn-key basis: price

The erection of a house from SIP panels using Canadian technology on a turnkey basis is not particularly costly and expensive. The construction of the building takes place in the fastest time, and the prices are suitable for many. In addition, these costs over time can be called an investment, since savings on heating and air conditioning is essential.
There are also other advantages of using such technology:
  • energy efficiency - for regions with warm and not very cold conditions It will not be necessary to insulate or seal it further;
  • speed and relative ease in construction;
  • no need for complex and serious training foundation;
  • You can choose a frame or frameless way of erection, since the SIP the panels themselves are strong and reliable;
  • safety - the lack of harmful and toxic substances that are hazardous to health.
Specialists of our company will be able to build a building of any complexity for a short period of time. The finished building will be already fit for living, and decoration and decoration can be made at will of the owners.
In villages and towns, you can forget about small rodents and mice forever, because the material of SIP panels does not attract them.
If you are thinking about building a new house, please contact us. Our professionals will give you advice and help you decide on the choice of the project.
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