Houses made of sip panels

Houses made of sip panels

Often it is in the spring that activization of the construction of cottages and private houses is observed. But the construction of a house always has certain risks: no one knows how the exchange rate will change, on which the cost of building materials also depends. That is why before starting construction work, it is necessary to formulate the main risks. They can be:

  • Absence of the project itself;
  • Delaying the deadlines;
  • Lack of material resources;
  • Low-skilled builders;
  • Lack of control;
  • Lack of an engineering project;
  • Replacement of construction materials in the course of construction;
  • Change the project after the start of work.

And now it is more specific...

Building without a project is a time-consuming and very expensive project. Without drawings it is difficult to obtain the desired result. If you do not want to become the owner of a building that violates all the rules and regulations of construction, constantly spend money on repair work, then it is worthwhile to worry about a quality work plan before they start.

It is necessary to erect houses from the sippanels strictly according to the blueprints. The cost of the project is much less than the cost of unforeseen expenses that may arise due to the lack of a plan.

Long construction is very expensive. Therefore, it is better to create a plan that involves completing the construction in as little time as possible.

Due to the fact that there is no project, there can be a problem of unfinished construction. However, for private cottages from sip panels it is not typical. By choosing such materials, you can plan your costs up to a penny. And the construction itself will not take much time - 3-4 weeks - and you will have a new home.

If the estimate for communication in the house was not well documented at the initial stage of construction, then, perhaps, an increase in the costs of these works. Finishing will require considerable control and attention. To avoid unnecessary costs, you need to completely immerse yourself in these works - the selection of materials, their purchase, use. This is the only way to avoid overexpenditures and shortages of material resources.

It is worth choosing only the proven teams of builders. To do this, you can ask the applicants to show the object they built earlier, communicate with the owners of this object. If the builders tell you that this is impossible, you should contact another construction company.

It is necessary to choose companies that have at least two years of experience in building houses from sip panels. Although the home market of sip panels began to be in demand in the construction market five years ago.

Why should we pay attention to less experienced builders? Because more experienced firms significantly raise their price, they already have a large number of customers, so they can afford to work only with the largest and most expensive orders. And younger construction companies practically offer the same services for less money. If they are at least two years engaged in construction, then, most likely have already gained experience for high-quality work.

Cottage structure from the sip pane

During construction, the customer can independently control its process, because the technology of using panels is elementary. For this, closer to completing the construction of the walls, you need to see how the builders filled the joints between the panels. When building from a brick it is more difficult to know the quality of a mortar. Moreover, such a construction is much more complicated and time-consuming, and therefore it will take much longer to travel to the construction site.

Building a house from sip panels can not be done without a project. If you can find a good architect, then at the stage of discussing the first sketches, he will notify you of all the pros and cons of the construction. After all, any project has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, at the initial stage it is necessary to determine the place of passage of the risers for communications.

Did you see how the working group changes the agreed project during the construction? Most often this is motivated by the fact that there are different inconsistencies and you have to change the location of the window or door. In case of any inconsistencies, the customer often changes the working group. When building a house from a sip panel, such self-activity is impossible. Their construction does not begin without a project. And any violation of it is corrected at the expense of the construction company.

As for the roof of the roof, then what materials will be used, it is necessary to think in advance, so that the walls can withstand the planned load on them.

Choosing the construction of a house on a ready-made project of sip panels, you will not find yourself in an emergency situation, when it will be necessary to change construction materials or to develop new drawings. All the elements of the house - walls, roof, doors, windows - will be built reliably and will last for many years.

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