Sewerage in houses from SIP panels - installation features and installation tips

Sewerage in houses from SIP panels - installation features and installation tips

If before the construction of houses from SIP panels was considered something rare and even exotic to some extent, now this technology is used very often. Such buildings are excellent in preserving heat, allowing you to spend less on heating, save space and quickly mounted. Advantages in fact very much, but there are some features that are taken into account in the design and installation.

Laying of the sewage system and special requirements for it

In fact, the sewerage in the homes of SIP panels is laid in the same way as in other buildings. But here it is worth considering that the sewer pipes can not be hidden in the wall, as in brick or block houses. It is necessary to equip an external septic tank. It is necessary to collect wastewater. The layout of the sewage route and individual pipes should be compiled at the design stage of the house. To do this, use the services of qualified plumbing. Such specialists are in the firm "Ivgranbud", they are guaranteed to perform work quickly and efficiently. When designing, you should consider:

  1. Location of all available tools in the sewage system.
  2. The angle of the required inclination of each of the pipes.
  3. Places for fixing each element of the system. If necessary, they need to be strengthened.

Special requirements are imposed on the main office facility - the vertical riser. This element is necessary for a sharp inflow of air during flushing. Houses made of SIP panels in several floors are often equipped with a system with an atmospheric valve. This is very convenient, because it prevents the release of fetid smells from the drainage channel, and when it flushes, the air enters the discharge zone. So, the vertical riser must meet the following requirements:

  • The pipe head (top) should be above the roof ridge at least one and a half meters.
  • It is necessary to insulate the area of ​​the riser that passes through the attic.

There are a number of clear rules that need to be adhered to when installing sewerage in homes from SIP panels. They will help not only extend the life of the product to a maximum, but also create an aesthetic appearance of the wiring. These rules are as follows:

  1. Do not allow any deformation of the pipes, be it sagging, buckling, or something like that.
  2. The joints must be very tight, the pipes must be extended to their full length.
  3. Each piece of pipe must be installed at the right angle.
  4. Sewage network is fixed, and each anchoring point is required to provide a reliable and strong connection.

Difficulties of editing and practical advice

Houses made of self-supporting panels are always created without the use of a power frame. For planning and finishing works this does not play a significant role and does not create difficulties. But they can arise with sewage systems. Because of the insufficient strength of the walls, troubles may appear when installing washbasins and unsecured wall toilet bowls. But all this is easily solved if the following steps are taken at the stage of project creation:

  • for the washbasin: strengthen the place of fastening by the power frame from the bar, taking all the load;
  • create a special zone of reinforced concrete for fixing the wall toilet.

If you do everything as indicated above, then there will be no problems with the laying of the sewer system. But, for it to serve for a long time, it worked efficiently and was reliable, it is necessary to follow simple advice:

  1. Design the house so that the water supply and sewerage systems are nearby. This arrangement option will facilitate the service and give a neat appearance.
  2. Use sealant and discard any temporary sealing methods.
  3. Standard insulation materials, such as cement, are not recommended for use, since they are ineffective in this case.
  4. It is better to buy all components (pipes, fittings) from one manufacturer. Thus, you will not have problems with their connection with each other.

Now you understand how to properly lay the sewerage in the houses of the SIP panels, what to look for and what to avoid. But still you should not try to do everything yourself - better consult specialists. The company "Ivgranbud" is always ready to help you in building a house from SIP panels in Kiev or in another city of Ukraine. If you want to build your house as quickly and as qualitatively as possible, then "Ivgranbud" is at your service - just call!

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