Gutter systems for houses made of sip panels

Gutter systems for houses made of sip panels

The drain, at first glance, seems like a simple construction, which can be sacrificed. In fact, this is a very important element, which allows you to get rid of water jets, flowing down the walls of the house. This threatens with serious problems with the home: the walls are damp, a fungus may appear in the room. Houses made of sip panels in Kiev cannot withstand such a situation. Therefore, the installation of the drain should be given due attention.

From this article, you will know:

The reasons to install a drainage system
Types of drainage systems
How to calculate the parameters of the water drainage system?

The reasons to install a drainage system

This engineering device will help to properly remove water from the house. But this is possible only if properly installed. The system consists of special grooves and sewer pipes into which water is diverted.

With the correct installation, the system will protect your house and the basement from destruction. Most often, the walls begin to suffer from water that is not properly removed. It is they who take the first blow. In the houses made of sip panels in Kiev, you can install different types of drainage systems. Most often they are a different material, some differences are in principle and work.

Types of drainage systems

The most popular varieties of drainage systems are made of durable plastic, galvanized steel or copper. All three types have both pros and cons. Therefore, before buying, it is better to study the characteristics of each species.

Plastic. The very practical drainage system, which has a lot of advantages:

  • It is not afraid of corrosion;
  • It easily withstands mechanical influence factors, does not bend or deform;
  • The service life is more than half a century;
  • Not afraid of salts and alkalis;
  • Does not need staining.

Drainage system for sip-house

Galvanized steel costs a little less. Some owners of houses even independently manufacture systems for water drainage from ordinary steel sheets. Previously, such pipes were necessarily painted, but today they simply cover with a polymer material.

SIP-house drainage system

Copper is named by experts the best material for organizing the system water drainage. Copper is very durable, it will serve your family faithfully for more than a century. But you need to be careful with this material - over time the surface can start to rust or change color.

Drainage system for a house made of sip panels

How to calculate the parameters of the water drainage system?

Before buying and installing a drainage system, you need to understand some technical parameters that affect the efficiency of the work. First of all, you need to determine the bandwidth. To do this, count the roof area and consider the area of the gutters that will drain the water.

Next, you need to do a water drain layout. It is very difficult to compile this documentation independently without having the relevant knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is better to order the services of specialists. They will accurately calculate the number of desired grooves, their diameter, location, and dimensions.

Pay attention to the general stylistics of the house and the material from which the drainage is made. If you have placed an expensive premium roof, then the plastic system will look strange in such a house. But in the country houses and cottages, plastic versions will be appropriate.

The water drainage system consists of a standard set: brackets, hooks, funnels, gutters, tees, and yokes. The quality of each part is important to ensure the normal operation of the entire structure.

Gutters can have different sizes, brackets are selected for them, which fix the grooves to the roof. It is important that along the entire length of the gutter has the same diameter. This will greatly simplify the installation of the structure. Brackets are made of different materials, they can have both classical and unusual curved shape.

Couplings allow you to install troughs of any size. In addition, modern manufacturers offer owners of houses a special device - an anti-ice cable, which will protect the system from ice and snow intruders in the winter season. Choosing quality materials for drainage, you can be sure that the system will work flawlessly in all weather conditions.

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