How to build a house without errors: 15 proven tips from developers

How to build a house without errors: 15 proven tips from developers

Choose a good plot of land, properly design the future home, purchase quality materials, monitor the work of the contractor - the owner of the future home has a thousand and one tasks, the solution of which determines the further comfort of life. To frame the house of the sip panels was convenient, you need to take into account many nuances. Today, we share with you 15 proven tips from developers, what to look for in order to build a house without errors.

Preparation stage

Errors and "white spots" in the preparatory stage can be costly in the future. Planning of the house, permits, planning the construction phase and the "breakdown" of the site into blocks - pay attention to all these details.

Tip number 1. It is better to find out about the peculiarities of the supply of engineering communications to your site in management companies. Also at the preparatory stage, consider these points:

  • geological tests will help determine the composition of the soil and the depth of groundwater - this will facilitate the adaptation of the typical foundation for the terrain;
  • Before making a deal, find out from your neighbors everything about the selected territory;
  • building a house on flat terrain will be cheaper than on sloping terrain, where additional retaining walls will have to be installed;
  • it is better to fence the plot immediately after the transaction;
  • plan exactly in what part of the construction site will be stored garbage, where concrete will be mixed and other construction works will be carried out - this will help maintain order.

Project creation

The desire to save, as evidenced by the cruel truth of life, leads to even greater costs. Therefore, order a project from trusted companies - it is safe and secure.

Tip number 2. The construction should start only after you have registered and detailed all sections of the project documentation.

Tip number 3. The desire to repair the old house "for themselves" is usually associated with huge costs. Building a completely new facility is usually more appropriate. Strengthening and repair of outdated structures that are subject to demolition can be much more expensive than the vulture panel and the construction of the house on the frame technology.

project of the house

House construction

When the preparation stage is over, the project is on hand, construction materials are purchased, and a reliable contractor is selected - it's time to start the construction phase.

Tip number 4. Want to save? Discard the basement and give preference to the basement.

Tip number 5. Frame technology will allow 2 times to save on the construction of the "box".

Tip number 6. Choose a simple gable roof. Roofs with a large number of sections and kinks are much more likely to leak.

Tip number 7. If you have planned an attic floor, make sure that the thickness of the insulating material was not less than 250-300 mm.

Tip number 8. Choose a practical and durable finish of the facade - homeowners recommend the type of plaster "lamb" in white. In this case, the house will not heat up, and the paint will not burn out. Keep in mind that the “horizontal bark beetle” finish is quickly polluted, accumulating dust in the grooves.

Tip number 9. Deciding to equip the staircase in the house, pay attention to the convenient angle of inclination - it should not exceed 30-40 °. The optimum height of the steps is 15 cm, the tread should be up to 30 cm wide. It is better to choose 2 layered, rather than screw options.

Interior decoration

According to the advice of experienced developers, the internal “wet” finish is best done in the summer. This will protect you from the mold and excessive dampness.

Tip number 10. High windows - not the best option. Low window sill will significantly limit you at the time of purchase of an unusual radiator, and these are additional expenses. In addition, high windows facilitate access to the doorway for babies.

Tip number 11. In order for double-glazed windows to provide an adequate level of heat saving, the entire area of the windows in the house should not exceed an eighth of the floor area.

Tip number 12. When laying the wiring, take care of the network for the boiler thermostat, TV, intercom and alarm system. Air conditioning and underfloor heating are better designed at an early stage, it will save you money.

Tip number 13. For a comfortable life in harsh winters (if in your area they are not uncommon), install a backup boiler.

Tip number 14. Some experts advise installing knife switches and machines outside the home so that you can quickly de-energize the entire room. Otherwise, the area of the network, suitable for the switch, will always remain energized.

Tip number 15. On the lighting of the house and the facade is better to take care in advance. Wiring for these purposes must be paid in advance, otherwise - the wires will be located outside the house.

Convenient and comfortable home - is the realization of your dreams. Of course, not all of the presented advice will be useful for you, but to pay attention to them, or at least clarify the information from the experts just will not be superfluous.

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